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Garden Windows

Garden Vinyl Replacement Windows

Since the window goes beyond the home, you do not want to put a garden window in a place where it would interfere with side walks, patios or other outdoor features.

Consider building a garden window to your kitchen for added light and convenience.

A garden window is a window that juts out, or projects, slightly from a wall to be able to pick up more sunshine. The idea is comparable to that of a bay window, but on a somewhat smaller scale. Some garden windows could have shelves. So that you can have a garden window, glass must be present on all sides, excluding the bottom.

The concept behind a garden window is similar to that of greenhouse glass styles. Greenhouses take the sun’s energy by making use of glass or some other kind of product to help grow plants. It allows for the efficient conservation of resources, such as lighting and space heating, that would otherwise need to be utilized to grow some plants in certain places.


The goal of a garden window would be to bring some of that same technology to the home. While it may be possible to grow almost any plant in any window, garden windows are especially suited to the job mainly because they allow more room to grow more things. While the plants must still be relatively modest, like most houseplants are, garden windows offer more opportunities than conventional windows.

The framework of the garden window usually comes in several different options, the most widespread of these are vinyl and aluminum. Many businesses tend to recommend the vinyl frameworks mainly because there’s better thermal performance and greater resistance to condensation. Usually, when the reason for a garden window is to grow tropical plants, the temperature performance could be an important consideration.

To help safeguard a garden window, makers also do not advise the use of harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. The easiest way to wash and maintain the window is just to utilize a warm soapy water mixture. This allows for safe cleaning and ought to keep the window functioning at peak performance for several years over time.

A garden window could be installed in virtually any place, but many people tend to use them as kitchen windows or bathroom windows. This is simply a personal taste. Many also find use for them in living rooms, or even the bedroom, if a curtain is attached to provide some solitude sometimes.

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