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Casement Windows

Casement Replacement Windows

The handles of casement windows are normally set in such areas where any person can use its function. It is normally on a hand height of any typical height of a person. In case there’s some wrongful set up, the windows are locked instantly. During nasty weather conditions, it’s pertinent to open casement window and keep it steady. The stay or friction hinge normally installed, for security purpose. The windows typically have glass panes and in a rabbeted frame and held with a certain compound to help keep the glass safe.

The standard casement windows have hinges in either side, and the variants from the top are called as awning windows and at the bottom are called as hoppers. People like these types of windows because they are able to open it and have a wide view and maximum air circulation. They open way more than any other installed window. This provides a maximum open space to relax with the natural air flow.

Casement windows can be set up as a stand alone window unit but may also be fitted as part of a bay window or bow window construction. The opener can open inwards or outwards, but is more commonly installed with the opening component moving in an outward stroke. Windows which open inwards are usually seen in apartments or in buildings where permits and/or security are an issue/concern.

Casement windows are one of the very best priced replacement window types you’ll place your hands on, you can buy them on the tightest of budgets. Casement windows are usually a similar price to double and single hung windows, obviously this pricing varies and will be dependant on many factors.


Energy Efficient
Casement windows are among the most energy efficient windows, aside from fully fixed frame windows.

Available In A Variety Of Designs
The casement window design is offered by most window companies including the giants, like Andersen, Pella and CertainTeed (MID). The casement windows provided by these firms, and others, come with a number of finishes and a variety of colours, with a wide selection of accessories such as chrome, vinyl or brass crank handles. You can even add a few optional extras such as a surface grills and lead grills, this makes the casement windows more attractive to the eye and less plain-looking.

Provide Good Ventilation
Casement windows normally allow two ventilation systems, one which allows you to open the window full and the other which enables you to open the window by a matter of centimeters whilst still retaining home security, preventing anyone from entering through the window. Either option is great for letting air into your house, particularly in the hotter summer months.

Increased Security
Wooden windows are pretty easy to break into. What will someone do is slip a crowbar under the lower sash and pry it up. The screws will put right out of the lock, and the window will pop open.

Casement windows use a strong hook to lock. No one can ease a pry bar into the sash, and the hook can’t be easily broken. They improve the security of your house, helping to keep your family along with your valuables safe.

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