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Basement  Windows

Basement Replacement Windows

Basement windows are distinctive from other styles of windows in the house.

Considering the overall features of basement windows is easy, they’re usually installed in dim and dingy areas, so any window fitting would be of benefit.

Added Value
A basement window adds functional value of its own. Extra security and aesthetic tweaks add thousands of dollars to the value of your house.

Offer Good Air Flow
Basements, if unfurnished, are usually completely unventilated, apart from the fresh air which comes in through the doorway. However, the installation of an excellent cellar window can add a way for ventilating the space and allowing natural air to flow in and out.


Many individuals use their cellar to work on hobby projects, and even more use the space to store old paint cans or cleaning products. When there is a chance of toxic fumes building up, you will want to quickly and effectively ventilate the space.

Provide Good Natural Light
Because basements are set below the house they don’t usually have a source of natural light, if you wish to convert them into a room then installing a cellar window can provide a great source of natural light, making the space feel more homely and open.

Provide An Additional Escape/Exit
Stripping out of your home in an emergency is essential and having designated fire escape windows ensures that your home is safe and meets with current building regulations. The cellar of the house often lacks a escape way, yet with a superb cellar window installed it could provide an additional way of escape if you decide to install it.

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